Books, Tea, and Blogs to Read

Did I just use my main page’s header image as the featured image for a blog post? Yes, yes I did. Isn’t that basically a crime against everything blogging? Maybe. I did it anyways though, so there you have it.

Today we are not here to talk about photography however. We are here to talk about the magic that is Maxxesbooktopia. I did a little bit of post stalking- that’s a normal thing other people do when they see a new face pop up as having liked one of their posts, right? It’s not just creepy me?- and I have copied like half of his December To Be Read list because there are a lot of great recent YA and speculative fiction (Fantasy, Horror, Sci Fi) books on there that I haven’t read yet, and many of them I hadn’t even heard of yet.


I love the books Max puts up. Of course I love reading any book blogs because I am all about books, but I’m really into his posts specifically because they are just a good place to go when you’re in a re-reading rut you crave escape from. I’m so glad I found has blog and I think you’ll be happy if you follow him!


Defying Expectations with Catherine Egan,630_.jpg?resize=660%2C346&ssl=1

I have started highlighting book blogs that I love, but I think now it’s time to go to the next milestone. That’s right, I’ve started a series on featured authors and their books.

After all, as a YA author, I do read a lot of YA. Honestly I read a ton before becoming an author, but now it’s kind of my job to get lost in a good book. Tough life, huh?

I’ll admit this is the first book in the Witch’s Child series that I’ve read. I have approximately 1 hour a week to read in, and I’m not about to put off a good book to the bottom of my tbr pile just because most people would hunt down the first book to read first. I thought this was an easy book to jump into even without reading the first book directly, though I’m sure it would be most satisfying to read the books in order if the thought of doing such a thing causes pain in your soul.

My experience reading this book was that it was faced paced, had a lot of interesting characters with pretty well developed characters, and an interesting approach to magic. Catherine’s Kahge is a very different alternative reality than my Shadeworld, but it’s mysterious and definitely sparking all my curiosity about where this series and the magical people who live in it will go.

This book is particularly sanctifying to me because I have had a bit of a reading drought lately. I have not read a new YA novel I enjoyed for more than a year at this point. I’ve been subsisting, barely, on murder mysteries (which are not typically my favorite genre), Non-Fiction, and rereading novels I already know and love over and over again. So this book has sprung me out of that torture, which is pretty special in itself.

In fact, I’m so enthralled by this book, I keep opening up chapters of it and rereading them even though I’m supposed to be writing a blog post right now. So I will get back to reading and just end this here with a firm recommendation for the series and the author. If this sounds like the right book for you as well the Amazon link is here. If you want to keep up to date with her I’ve included her website’s link here as well.