I Hit Publish Today!


I think hitting publish is one thing I’ll never grow tired of. This second book in the series had its ups and downs, I’ll admit- fiddling with trying to figure out how to format a paperback edition of the first book in the series ended up consuming all of December so I had to push this book back a few weeks to January instead- but we got here. The edit was once again done by Carol Rushing (a professional editor, unlike typo prone me) and the cover was done once again by Beetiful Book Designs, so I have a gorgeous professional quality book.

Even better, this time the story spends almost no time on Earth, so we get to spend more action with dragons, nymphs, wizards, vampires, and the Shadeworld! I know you liked the first book in the series, but I’m sure you’ll love this one as much as I do.



Defying Expectations with Catherine Egan


I have started highlighting book blogs that I love, but I think now it’s time to go to the next milestone. That’s right, I’ve started a series on featured authors and their books.

After all, as a YA author, I do read a lot of YA. Honestly I read a ton before becoming an author, but now it’s kind of my job to get lost in a good book. Tough life, huh?

I’ll admit this is the first book in the Witch’s Child series that I’ve read. I have approximately 1 hour a week to read in, and I’m not about to put off a good book to the bottom of my tbr pile just because most people would hunt down the first book to read first. I thought this was an easy book to jump into even without reading the first book directly, though I’m sure it would be most satisfying to read the books in order if the thought of doing such a thing causes pain in your soul.

My experience reading this book was that it was faced paced, had a lot of interesting characters with pretty well developed characters, and an interesting approach to magic. Catherine’s Kahge is a very different alternative reality than my Shadeworld, but it’s mysterious and definitely sparking all my curiosity about where this series and the magical people who live in it will go.

This book is particularly sanctifying to me because I have had a bit of a reading drought lately. I have not read a new YA novel I enjoyed for more than a year at this point. I’ve been subsisting, barely, on murder mysteries (which are not typically my favorite genre), Non-Fiction, and rereading novels I already know and love over and over again. So this book has sprung me out of that torture, which is pretty special in itself.

In fact, I’m so enthralled by this book, I keep opening up chapters of it and rereading them even though I’m supposed to be writing a blog post right now. So I will get back to reading and just end this here with a firm recommendation for the series and the author. If this sounds like the right book for you as well the Amazon link is here. If you want to keep up to date with her I’ve included her website’s link here as well.

But first, let me take a #Shelfie


I follow For Reading Addicts (You definitely should too) and I love the different #shelfies they post. I feel awkward using the hashtags because I’m pretty sure too many of them make you an outdated internet dinosaur instead of making you cool, but I’m so amused by photos of other people’s shelves I thought it would be worth the risk to hashtag it out on here.

As you can see I’ve got a few second hand books in here that are looking a little scruffy, like “Beyonders” by Mull that I picked up in a hostel in Panama City Panama and felt like I’d won the lottery to find a book that was free, hard back, written in English, and from an author I knew of and like to boot!

Then there’s “Entwined” by Dixon on the right that I bought with part of my first ever paycheck and devoured because it was magical. And above it is Cornelia Funke’s “Dragon Rider”, which I adore, with her book Inkheart right on top of it because I really do like her work (which you can probably tell because a third book of her’s is next to it- “The Thief Lord”- is definitely one of my hands down favorites!)

And then there’s the Tamora Pierce books on the top left of the stack because I am slowly buying her books whenever one pops up in my local library’s book sale or in a used book store.

And Bruce Coville’s “Into the Land of The Unicorns” is clearly well loved as the majority of its cover has come clear off, though thankfully the follow up below it is another part of the series which will hopefully stand up better to frequent reading due to the hardback cover.

And then we have “The China Garden” on the top right which I think few American readers have heard of but is definitely a yearly revisit for me.

This is just a section of my bookshelf that covers my self defined “magical books” genre. Does anyone else just go and make up their own categories for their private bookshelves?

And then there’s the world’s tiniest picture frame with a photo made from one of the mini Polaroids marketed to kids in the late nineties and early `aughts before anyone could afford the early digital cameras, and I trimmed off the waste plastic wrapping the film so I could fit it into the tiny frame. It’s a nice reminder of my brother when he was young, which is great to remember at this time of year as his birthday inched him a little closer to thirty now and the passage of time makes me nostalgic yet again thinking of childhood memories.

And there’s the harmonica next to it which I am still determined to learn to play so I can maybe perform for my grandpa some time as he’s always been a great bluesy player on his own oversized bass harmonica.

Shadeworld: This series is BIG

You might have seen the cover before in this post, or if you follow “KGWilkieAuthor” on Facebook, but if you look closely you’ll notice it’s been tweaked a bit. How? There’s this new line of font at the top now that announces the series.

You might not think it’s a big change, but it means big things. You see how it says this is the first book in the Shadeworld series? That means there will be more. Lots more. In fact, I didn’t tell you guys this before, but I have made a whopping total of TEN covers for this series, because I plan to make ten books to match them.

When I tell you this is an epic Young Adult Fantasy series with some Science Fiction fusion going on, I’m not kidding. This series covers regicide and court intrigue and friendship drama and amnesiac faeries and revolutions and the literal end of a world. Powers rise and fall. Species clash in battle. danger looms on the horizon. And there’s a big cast of characters who all get their own book to allow them a turn at being the main character, so no matter who turns out to be your favorite you’ll get to go in depth into their head and experience all of this with them.

I know, I know, you think you’ve heard about this book before. But I just wanted to let you know the sheer scale of this. This is going to be big. Explosive, even. And the first book is coming out this very month.

You can also preorder here if you want to be sure you get the book as soon as it comes out for the discounted price exclusive to my own site.