Have I Gone Crazy? Writing a Series in 30 Days

It’s Nanowrimo this month, which if you’re not familiar with the event means many authors, including myself, are challenging themselves to do the near impossible.

Writing a Series in One Month, title on yellow dot at right, wow! hand drawn style speech bubble at left,on gray sweater writing on paper at crowded desk background photo

For most authors, this means writing the first draft for an entire book in just 30 days.

For me this year, this means writing the draft for an entire series in just 30 days.

Thankfully, I have a little bit of a head start. I have an outline, which helps me know where the story is going, even if I don’t yet know exactly which words will take us there.

I’m also fully stocked on snacks, caffeine, and time. Because you know, time is the main ingredient needed to do near impossible writing marathons like this!

I’ve made some good progress on my full book draft so far.

I’m a little behind at being only halfway through book one so far, but I’m still trucking along at drafting about 3 whole chapters per day. I’m pretty happy with my writing speed on this, and I think with a few concentrated marathon days to make up for any chapters I’ve fallen behind on I will be able to finish the challenge on time even with the occasional demands of things like a social life and business obligations and all that sort of stuff.

I think I’ll actually make it.

Handwriting a series draft in chartreuse green binder with mechanical pencil on top, on black desktop with looseleaf paper

It will be the fastest I’ve ever written a series before. And, I’ve found that writing it all at once like this, has also made it better writing because it never has a chance to fade out of my head or for the plot to get confused or forgotten from leaving it a little too long between writing sessions.

But we still need to keep in mind that writing a book is a challenge that takes many authors an entire year, or many, to accomplish. I’m trying to write 3 books in a month.

Wish me luck!


This Is The End of an Era

Today is the last day of Nanowrimo. If you were not aware of what that is, it is a challenge to encourage new and struggling authors to write a first draft to a book that runs through the month of November. It includes virtual writing sprints and encouragement to get people writing when they are stuck in a scene as well as in person meetups around the world to connect authors together for some live writing encouragement. It’s basically a celebration of all things writing, and as an author I am all for that.


I’ve participated in this challenge a few years in a row at this point. That’s actually how my first book came to be.

The book I wrote this year was the second book in the Shadeworld series, PS The Dragon Fights. My first ever Nanowrimo I tried to write this entire series as just one novel, but by the time I hit 100,000 words (an average book is more like 60-70k) and had barely begun the plot I realized that the story was waaay to big to fit into one book. Then I tried outlining like other more experienced authors had recommended I do and realized that if I just took the scenes I already had in my head right now I had eight books worth of chapters, and every time I wrote a book it felt like another several chapters popped up in my head so I feel confident that to tell this story well I am going to have to write all ten books I have since announced on this blog.

With this November done I am finally another book closer to that goal. Especially because I did something pretty radical and decided to not just write the first draft in a month, but write AND revise the entire book in just thirty days. I can tell you it was a real roller coaster and challenged both my professional skills and my perseverance, but I finally finished it all today. I’m looking forward to talking with you guys more tomorrow, but for now I am happy to celebrate my victory and I’m glad I got to share that with you all.

Writing Away

I’ve been a little spotty in my posting for the last two weeks because I’ve been hard at work revising my second book in the Shadeworld series.

How hard at work? I finished my first draft of the book in a mere two weeks, and I’ve gotten half of them revised in the time since then.

I’m pretty pumped up about that because the last book I wrote took four long painful months to revise, and the book before that took half a year. At this point, writing “PS The Dragon Fights” feels like I’ve done a herculean task.


I think what you guys, the readers, will appreciate about this book is that there’s more magic, spells, and tech mages than you met in “PS The Dragon Bites.” That’s because this one takes place completely in the Shadeworld, that magical replica of Earth (or as the inhabitants of this strange land call it, “The Original”). This book is longer and crazier than the first and I think you’re going to love it.

If you still haven’t gotten your hands on the first book you can buy it here. This will soon be released in audiobook and paperback formats, so be sure to add it to your wishlist if you’re interested in that.