Books, Tea, and Blogs to Read

Did I just use my main page’s header image as the featured image for a blog post? Yes, yes I did. Isn’t that basically a crime against everything blogging? Maybe. I did it anyways though, so there you have it.

Today we are not here to talk about photography however. We are here to talk about the magic that is Maxxesbooktopia. I did a little bit of post stalking- that’s a normal thing other people do when they see a new face pop up as having liked one of their posts, right? It’s not just creepy me?- and I have copied like half of his December To Be Read list because there are a lot of great recent YA and speculative fiction (Fantasy, Horror, Sci Fi) books on there that I haven’t read yet, and many of them I hadn’t even heard of yet.


I love the books Max puts up. Of course I love reading any book blogs because I am all about books, but I’m really into his posts specifically because they are just a good place to go when you’re in a re-reading rut you crave escape from. I’m so glad I found has blog and I think you’ll be happy if you follow him!


Crypt Runner

They looked into the cave together. It was dark. But somehow, not as dark as they’d expected. The two crept in closer holding hands.

“This looks awfully spooky,” he said. She patted him on the back to offer what small comfort she could give while she was shivering in fear as well.

They went in further, and started to hear the sounds of cheering. A light could be seen shining ahead, and they walked towards it.


Soon they could see that the cave was occupied. A foot race was being run. All of the entrants were skeletons. “How nice to meet you,” one standing close to them said. “I’m glad to see you want to join in our festivities. “I’m afraid you aren’t dressed well, though. Let me help you both remove that bothersome flesh.” He did.


The Long and Short of It

I like to challenge myself in my writing from time to time. This is me challenging myself to write a 50 word story.

pexels-photo-331092A storm. Shouting voices. A voice yells, “A dirty cheater belongs in the dirt.” And then the sunrise came and the only remains a pair of scuffed shoes sticking out of a new hill forever.