A Quiet Place

Lights shining in a quiet place

At a time when the flowers spring through the leaf litter

And there’s no need to fall in love here

No need to worry about anyone else

Until she must face the end of night

And return to the real world inside

But for now she can be herself in the quiet of the night

And let her stress go free



A Little Love is Worth a Lot


A little love is worth a lot

Because even a little is better than none.

And no one has quite an idea of what they’ve wrought

When a person who had no one,

suddenly has a someone.

And you don’t need to have romance in your heart,

Just to care about someone is quite enough-

After all, there are many kinds of love,

But to survive a person needs to receive at least one.


Sunsets on The Marshy Sea

This post was originally published on my other blog, Out of The Hat. I shared it here because I think poetry is something everyone can appreciate- especially those who follow my author website!

The Towers


The Towers stand above us,

With windows for them to see

To see everything I do

To keep constant watch on me.

There is no way to leave,

We cannot escape here,

We are bound in this place

Surrounded by ears that always hear.

And the sun may shine,

And the flowers will bloom,

But it will be worth to us nothing,

Because we are trapped here.