The Chrysanthemum


A gorgeous flower,

shining bright on dull Fall nights.

The end of a season

is beckoning near,

But one flower is still standing

To prevent the bleakness we fear.

The center is golden,

The scent is spice,

The petals come in every color that is nice.

I plant a few,

with spade and gloves;

because I know it will repay me

In cheer

And love.


Pumpkin Spice is Oh So Nice


Pumpkin and spice is very nice

The scent has warmth and comfort,

And as the Autumn is winding down

The isn’t much time left to have it.

So I’ll spice up my chai latte

And splash some in my coffee,

I’ll eat seasonal cookies

And light limited edition candles

And throw myself fully into the joy of it.

By the time Thanksgiving comes

I know the season of pumpkin everything will be done

So in the meantime I’ll be sure to fully enjoy it.