Graduate Season

This weekend we celebrated a very special event.

Graduations aren’t really anyone’s favorite event in the world. There’s a lot of pomp and circumstance, which many Americans tend to dislike. Worst of all you end up spending a few hours watching person upon person walk across the stage before the person you came to see is up there for five seconds.

But still, a graduation is special. It’s a nice time to celebrate that someone put a lot of late night studying and crying over essays and working their butt off to learn something and advance in their career and life.

Grad School Graduate

The graduate (my sibling) is particularly not into graduation ceremonies, and really wanted to avoid the event, but she went on with it anyway because her parents said they’d honestly feel disappointed if she skipped out on it. So she went, even though she’d rather have done anything else.

In the case of my graduate, it was a time to celebrate pouring a few ten thousands and several hours of hair pulling and midnight studying squeezed in after being a teacher all day long into getting a graduate degree so she could continue on the path towards her goal of being a professor some day. It was a particularly noteable occasion because she finish her grad degree in one year while she was working full time with special needs students who kick and bite her, so a lot of impressive hard work and stubbornness went into this occasion.

The average grad degree takes much longer, often 3-6 years for people who are working full time. And, well, the average person doesn’t go to get a Special Ed grad degree with a focus on autism education in the first place either. But she’s been aiming to be a professor for a long time, and to be a professor of teachers for a year or two, so it’s not a surprise to any of us that she went for this. I suppose the Special Ed focus was pretty normal though, considering that her visual processing disorders and the effect it had on her education was much more severe than my own rather significant case. And, considering the grad, it’s not much of a surprise that she’d power through full time work and full time student status at once. I think the only thing that really ended up surprising anyone was that her focus was in a different branch of Special Ed than she had a personal background with, but it seems to be working well for her.


After the ceremony, to do something the grad would actually like in celebration of the occasion, we went out to a cafe.

It’s been raining almost constantly for the last week, I suppose because the weather forgot to do that in the Spring as is proper, so the tables outside were unusually empty.

The inside, however, was crammed full of humans. We managed to squeeze out a table, though, and sit down with out treats.

The plate my cupcake came on seemed to be celebrating with us as well!

I had a nice mushroom quiche. Mushroom is just a favorite flavor that I never get tired of! And then I had a lovely triple lemon cupcake. I’m not so convinced the whipped cream piped on top was actually lemon flavored, it tasted more like a plain vanilla, but it was a lovely contrast to the slightly sour lemon filling and the fairly sweet lemon cake.

So that was how we celebrate a graduation! What do you do in graduate season?



Coffee Shop Smiles

Everyday at the cafe

She stops for a break before she takes on the world

and conquers the day

And sometimes in line she stops and smiles at the girl who stands in front

And sometimes they sit at the same table

And sometimes they sit and they talk.

Everyday two people connected by this one coffee shop.

And today she remembered her birthday and brought a flower bouqet

And it’s a great reminder that sometimes, even when they are all too busy, sisters can be great.

Pumpkin Spice is Oh So Nice


Pumpkin and spice is very nice

The scent has warmth and comfort,

And as the Autumn is winding down

The isn’t much time left to have it.

So I’ll spice up my chai latte

And splash some in my coffee,

I’ll eat seasonal cookies

And light limited edition candles

And throw myself fully into the joy of it.

By the time Thanksgiving comes

I know the season of pumpkin everything will be done

So in the meantime I’ll be sure to fully enjoy it.