Let’s Blog About it: #BlogOfTheWeek Episode 3

I’ve already featured one book blogger I loved on this site. And another. Now I’m back with another because who doesn’t need more bookish people in their lives? I know I do. And if you need some ideas on which pages you should get lost in while sipping hot cocoa by the fire (or iced tea by the lake if you live in Australia) Laura at LFBooks has got your back.

She writes mainly about Fantasy, but has also covered other genres like LGBT fiction as well.

Also Laura is a dog person, so what’s not to love?



Books, Tea, and Blogs to Read

Did I just use my main page’s header image as the featured image for a blog post? Yes, yes I did. Isn’t that basically a crime against everything blogging? Maybe. I did it anyways though, so there you have it.

Today we are not here to talk about photography however. We are here to talk about the magic that is Maxxesbooktopia. I did a little bit of post stalking- that’s a normal thing other people do when they see a new face pop up as having liked one of their posts, right? It’s not just creepy me?- and I have copied like half of his December To Be Read list because there are a lot of great recent YA and speculative fiction (Fantasy, Horror, Sci Fi) books on there that I haven’t read yet, and many of them I hadn’t even heard of yet.


I love the books Max puts up. Of course I love reading any book blogs because I am all about books, but I’m really into his posts specifically because they are just a good place to go when you’re in a re-reading rut you crave escape from. I’m so glad I found has blog and I think you’ll be happy if you follow him!

Book Blog of The Week

I thought it would be fun if I shared with my readers the various book bloggers I follow. It might seem a little backwards for an author to love the book bloggers who will likely review them and their work, but you have to remember that the people who make books also tend to like reading them and I’m glad I have somewhere to go to figure out what the next things I should read are.

I thought for my first #BlogOfTheWeek review I should feature one of the first book bloggers I followed. The Past Due Book Review covers books that have already been published and were new years or even decades ago.


Partially that’s fun because it brings new-to-me books to my attention, and it would be a shame for great books to be forgotten just because they came out a bit ago. The fact that books released in the past are very affordable to buy now does sometimes persuade me to pick up some of the books he covers, but I always end up happy that I did so in the end.

I’ll admit I also enjoy Erik’s writing style in his posts, so that’s a double win for me.

Head over to his blog if you want to find the latest delayed reviews he’s posted!