The third and final book in the Shadeworld series is the end of an era for Aeron, Alyss, the dragons, the wizards, and the fey.


Revenge. Aeron wants to destroy those who dared to threaten his family and break his kingdom.

Betrayal. Alyss has been abandoned and betrayed by her mother and her entire kingdom, and she is determined to take back her rightful position.

War. No one is willing to back down from the push to save or destroy all of the Shadeworld and those seeking to enslave and destroy all those who live in it without a fight.

Sworn enemies will have to work together, loved ones will be torn apart, and sacrifices will have to be made if this world is going to survive the onslaught in the final battle of the Shadeworld saga.

P.S. The Dragon Sleights returns us to a world of court intrigue, wizardry and dueling magical species in a crossover of our planet Earth and the mysterious Shadeworld which is unlike any we have ever experienced before.

Fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses and Graceling Realm will love the magical creatures and treacherous courts of the Shadeworld series.

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