Happy New Year’s Day

The streamers are strung and poppers are popped,

the firecrackers are out and they are dancing hot.

Cone hats all donned and champagne chilled nearby,

Goofy dancing and laughing without needing to worry quite why.

I wish you a Good Year with all of my might,

And now that we’ve been festive, I wish you good night.


Ring in The New Year

Wishes for happy new days,

and parties for happy new nights,

and celebrating new friends that fill us with delight.

Happy new hearts that try to care for the world,

and happy new smiles that last even when our efforts grow cold.

Happy New Year my friends

as we say goodbyes to the Happy Year of Old

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Even the Grinch can’t find a reason to hate it

The Christmas season is the greatest

Presents shining under a decked out tree

And sweet treats made from secret family recipes

But most of all the only thing I need

Is to spend some time with the people who love me


The Best YA Dragon Books

Books about dragons make me happy. I read them almost exclusively as a teen, and I still read them more than I probably should as an adult with other things I am supposed to devote my time to, like doing the laundry and getting work done. But I don’t think I could go a week without a little magic in my life, and I definitely don’t think you should either.

The Best Teen Books About Dragons


Here There Be Dragons

James A. Owen wrote and illustrated this first book (and all the later books) in the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica. It has just about everything I could ask from a book, from cool pictures to dragons to unlikely heroes and adventures. The cool thing about this book is that it is the first book in a series, but it really works as a stand alone book all by itself as well. It’s also always fun to have books that play around with mythology and history, and this is also a cool hybrid between a steampunk and a gaslight and more traditionally fantasy. I actually just went through and reread the entire series last month, and I just find new interesting layers to the stories every time I read through it. Plus, the series has 8 books, so you won’t have to leave the characters behind for a good long while.


Dealing With Dragons

This book is a teensy bit older, but it’s still awesome. The story starts with Cimorene, a princess who does things princesses aren’t supposed to do like learn fencing and baking and other common things that just simply aren’t done by princesses. It all comes to a head when her parents get fed up with her antics and secretly betroth her to a proper prince Cimorene just doesn’t want to marry, so instead she takes some advice from a talking frog and runs away only to discover she’s run into a life full of dragons. I have honestly reread the Enchanted Forest Chronicles series about once a year, and it’s wonderful. It’s funny, it’s adventurous, and it has the right mix of magical creatures and fun personalities to be the perfect read for me.


Dragon Rider

Cornelia Funke, that same author of the Inkworld books, also wrote one of my favorite books, “Dragon Rider“. An ordinary kid saving the dragons in danger of extinction from an evil force is always a pretty awesome story. Different libraries can’t make up their mind if this counts as a YA or a kid’s book to them, so I know it could potentially feel very embarrassing to check this out, but if it makes you feel better there are full grown adults who check out Winnie the Pooh books so reading this at your age won’t be very strange at all in the grand scheme of “weird things book worms do”!


The Fire Within

A good friend of mine originally introduced this series, The Last Dragon Chronicles, to me, which in my opinion is always a good sign it’s going to be a good read. And it was! I enjoyed this series a lot. There’s action, magic, and dragons, and with that combination you can’t really go wrong.


The Reborn King

The Dragon’s Blade is a series that is starting to blow up. This series is based on dragon shifters, which can always be a fun change from more traditional dragon stories. This trilogy is all about kingdoms and dragons facing mortal enemies. Truth be told, it reminds me of a YA version of Game of Thrones.



This is an Indie series, which you know I love to support. The Dragon Kings is fantasy dragon romance series which is really gritty, which I’ve never really experienced before. If you want to read a series that kind of reinvents dragon stories, read this. The series only gets better from the first book. Plus, it’s an Amazon best seller!

Everyone Loves Dragon Books

I am no exception to the rule. I thought it would be fun to share with you some great new reads. And if you ever want to read about dragons and kingdoms and drama and magic, might I recommend you check out my book P.S. The Dragon Bites?



Coffee Shop Smiles

Everyday at the cafe

She stops for a break before she takes on the world

and conquers the day

And sometimes in line she stops and smiles at the girl who stands in front

And sometimes they sit at the same table

And sometimes they sit and they talk.

Everyday two people connected by this one coffee shop.

And today she remembered her birthday and brought a flower bouqet

And it’s a great reminder that sometimes, even when they are all too busy, sisters can be great.

A Quiet Place

Lights shining in a quiet place

At a time when the flowers spring through the leaf litter

And there’s no need to fall in love here

No need to worry about anyone else

Until she must face the end of night

And return to the real world inside

But for now she can be herself in the quiet of the night

And let her stress go free



Worked hard at a great job

A wonderful job,

But my dream was still to write full time

And when my contract was done I knew my time had once again come

So we amicably parted ways

And everyone expressed regret to see me go.

All except for one-

Who congratulated me on taking the chance to move

forward into the path I wanted to move toward

And it felt nice to remember this wasn’t an ending,

But the start of yet another adventure.

And to be reminded that this wasn’t goodbye,

But congratulations.



Locked on Love


Every day somewhere in the world people get married, or start dating. Sometimes these couples will show their love with a lock placed on a bridge or fence to show they are locked together for the long haul. Sometimes they’ll show is by exchanging a wedding ring, or a partnership ring. They might raise children or a dog together, or buy a house together.

But those things happen infrequently, or maybe even only once.

So they will remind each other how much they care with yearly tokens on the fourteenth of February.

Valentine’s Day

Whether with flowers, or chocolates (Fun fact, in America traditionally the chocolates are given by the men to their ladies within straight couples, but in Japan women make chocolates for their man), or even cards that just for this holiday are called valentines, it’s important to make sure your loved ones remember you love them.

I don’t like limiting the holiday just to romantic loved ones, though.


I think it really is essential for couples to do small shows of caring, especially since not everyone feels love the same way and it’s easy to let showing you care get lost in the business of life.

That said, I think it’s especially important to let your other loved ones know you care. Be sure to give a few candies or a card to your friends and coworkers, make a special meal for your immediate family, or take your single friend out for lunch and just spend time with them as a friend- of course remembering not to mention the holiday itself or anything about your own love life to avoid the risk of making them feel like an outsider on a holiday that leaves many broken hearted or feeling hopeless and alone.

Most of all just show you care, to the people you care about.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Little Love is Worth a Lot


A little love is worth a lot

Because even a little is better than none.

And no one has quite an idea of what they’ve wrought

When a person who had no one,

suddenly has a someone.

And you don’t need to have romance in your heart,

Just to care about someone is quite enough-

After all, there are many kinds of love,

But to survive a person needs to receive at least one.