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I write as Indie author K.G. Wilkie and make novels that focus on YA Speculative Fiction- any genre of Fiction that pushes beyond the bounds of reality. I am a reader and artist and can often be found wandering the woods behind my house or traveling to new places. I love action movies, and museums, and theater.

I’m amazing at getting lost, walking up to and starting conversations with unsuspecting strangers, and petting dogs in just the right way so that they fall asleep which is clearly the most important skill of all.

I actually like spending time with children, adults, seniors, even the teens so many people seem to dread for some reason. I appreciate that teens tend to humor me and my awful puns even though I am quite clearly pretty lame and uncool- I was behind the times when I was a teen and it just seems to get worse and worse as time goes by. I like that my teen readers are kind people that don’t hold my lameness against me. I’ve taken up the hobbies of embroidery, and fencing, and badminton; and I’m absolutely terrible at all of them.

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Author of:

Force of Family Series: Family Inflamed

Shadeworld Series: P.S. The Dragon Bites, P.S. The Dragon Fights, P.S. The Dragon Sleights.

Magic Moves Series: Magic Moves

Member of

National Writer’s Union, Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), National Freelancers Union.

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I also post many of my books on my Pinterest, but it is primarily more of a personal Pinterest so it has many things I find enjoyable and isn’t super book themed.

Book Experience

I was an intern at the Library of Congress in the Law Division in 2017. I live in the DC area so I also get to go to great bookish events, like the National Book Fest. If you are ever in the area, I’d recommend at least visiting the Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress, though there are “reading rooms” filled with books as well as music sheets, movies, and other media. You can go to look at the exhibits, read for research, or even just read for fun!

I went to Business School at Marymount University in Arlington Va, and NOVA at the Annandale Campus. It was fun to be able to experience both a huge public liberal university with diverse ages of students, as well as a small mostly college aged more conservative private school. I feel it let me have the different perspectives and experiences I wanted from college, and both had their benefits and drawbacks so it was nice to experience both sides.

I’ve done courses at Hanze in the Netherlands and Panama with Think Impact.

I worked as the Head Editor at The Banner at Marymount.

I was in the Aspiring Writers Association at Nova, and publishing in physical literary magazines including Calliope. I’ve won primarily won a handful of poetry and short story awards.

In Highschool and Middle School I won more literary awards, best writer of my grade, was on the editorial staff for the literary magazine, was on the event staff for the spoken poetry event “Word”. Plus book club, who doesn’t do book club? And I also did other things- waaaay too many other things- my last year of high school I was in 20 different clubs and committees and I can tell you from experience that is excessive.

Speaking of Excessive, you know the thing where I said I was Head Editor of the university newspaper? Yeah, I did that while I was also Vice President of a student government organization in charge of all the clubs on campus. What can I say? When it comes to getting involved with hands on work in a interest group or club, I’m a super overachiever.

More about Me

I write with an autoimmune disease and dyslexia. I don’t find those to be particularly unique, I suppose because it’s just part of life to me, but a lot of people ask about it and are surprised by it so I thought you’d like to know. It doesn’t make writing and releasing four or more books a year easy by any stretch of the imagination, but I make it work.

I’m also a dog person and my favorite color is yellow. And I love to travel! If you’d like to learn more about me and my books, be sure to sign up for my email newsletter (You occasionally get free goodies in there!) You can also follow me on social media, linked above.