K.G.Wilkie fishing, catfish

Gone Fishing

This weekend I went fishing for the first time.

Arriving at the dock at 7 A.M.

We set out at 4 AM to get to the dock by 7 AM (which is still very early). I live in Virginia, and the dock was in Maryland, so it was a bit of a trip, but not too awful. The dock itself was lovely, because it was pretty far out of the way of D.C. where I’m based.

The fishing boat we went on with a family friend was one of the smallest at this dock, but I know most of the docks at home wouldn’t have been able to fit it just because there’s a lot of people wanting very convenient dock spaces so they are much smaller near the capitol.

photo of K.G. Wilkie, on a fishing boat, on the Potomac River

Just riding the boat out to the end of Potomac River was quite fun! I always love a good boat ride. I especially loved hanging a little off the side so I could feel the wind whipping at my face and the waves slapping my hands like a high five.

K.G.Wilkie fishing, catfish

I caught several fish, we all did. We were getting fish almost continuously after we got to our destination on the water. The fun thing was that I personally caught the two biggest fish on the trip, a 26 inch catfish and a 24 inch catfish. Unfortunately we threw them both back out, because I love catfish but the rest of the group dislikes it and I couldn’t finish off that much fish all by myself. After the catfish was on board it started to moo at me, which was oddly scary in a way the other fish weren’t, so in the end I was happy to toss it back out.

No need to worry though, we caught plenty of rockfish and a perch (all of the legally required lengths) as well as many fish that were too small and had to be tossed back. Don’t worry about the rockfish though, we were several hours out from D.C. and all of the fish we caught were healthy normal fish and lacked the sores that are becoming a problem in D.C. caught rockfish.

feet in navy blue boat shoes on deck of fishing boat with view of river

Then after a long day of really struggling to reel in the strong fish that fought valiantly against reeling, I was happy to spend the return trip by boat just enjoying the view. And the view included a cooler full of many dinners worth of fish as well as the almost endless view of blue, so it was truly wonderful.


The sky was lovely as well at the end of a long day.

The only thing that wasn’t lovely was myself covered in bits of fish scales and fish slime and other unmentionable ickiness.

So we hosed ourselves off at the marina and changed clothes before heading home to enjoy a nice grilled rockfish.

Thankfully just taking a day off like this- I normally skip taking weekends off even because I’m a workaholic- was able to supercharge my mental juices and helped me complete an additional two chapters in P.S. The Dragon Sleights and get some good revising and editing done as well!



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