A Playlist to Revise By

I personally love music. I love listening to it. I love just going about the average every day parts of my life to a soundtrack. But just like I shared in my last Revising Playlist post, I have a few requirements from my revision music.

  1. It’s hard to stay focused when your soundtrack has words

  2. This includes even words in other languages you don’t understand, as that can still distract your writing

My solution then? Skip the actual music and use ambient soundtracks instead, either meant to be white noise like cafe sounds or meant to get you into the mood for a scene you are writing with genre ambient soundtracks meant to sound like fantasy world music. And that worked pretty well.

But I still love music and want to listen to the real deal. Lately I’ve thrown out my previous rules completely and switched back to my current favorite songs.

Wait- Maroon 5

This song is completely stuck in my head. I don’t think it’s a life changing song or anything grand like that, but it’s a great earworm that my brain can not just let go even after listening to it maybe a dozen times on a recent long car trip.

Denouement- Amusism

This song is amazing. And free on Google Play. And amazing. And now I need to buy all the rest of the band’s music.

Sadly no Youtube video of it so you can’t really get a feel for it before downloading, but seriously the song is great electropop.

Later a Dream- Grooms

This is a great song that lies on the genre spectrum somewhere between acoustic and the easy listening version of pop. (You know what I’m talking about.) It gives me soothing vibes, while also being cheery. I’m a fan of this at any rate.

Happy writing and studying adventures!

I hope my favorite songs can help you focus on whatever work you have on your plate, like they’ve helped me.



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