Progress Update: PS The Dragon Sleights

I don’t know about you, but I’m an optimistic person. I put out on my little publishing calendar that I was 100% certain that I would write and revise and edit an entire novel every single month.

Has that happened yet? No.

Life happens instead. Sometimes I get distracted building up my other blog or applying to writing contests and guest posting to make some cash to pay the bills. Sometimes I get distracted because something big happens in my family, like a funeral or a wedding. Or, in my case this year, I’ve had two funerals and a wedding happening back to back. The wedding was lovely, and slowing down my writing after the funerals was right for me in my healing journey, but the fact remains that I don’t actually write as quickly as I set out to. Whoops.


So currently PS The Dragon Sleights is only half done on the draft. That doesn’t include revising, or editing time, so that’s a bummer. Instead I’ve been working on getting my first novel, “Family Inflammed,” released as my first print book. Which is very exciting because I know many people prefer a good bookcase over a tablet stuffed with e-books, and libraries tend to prefer the same thing as well. So I’m working on that as sort of a hold-you-over release.

But the good news is that part of the reason PS The Dragon Sleights has been delayed is because it is coming out to be an epic book. I know every author tends to feel that way about their work, but this book is really going to turn the entire Shadeworld series on its head. The characters defied my expectations, and I’m sure they’ll do the same for you, so get ready.

Shadeworld Season One Box Set Coming Soon!



In other news, even though I still plan for the grand total of Shadeworld books to be quite large, after I do finish releasing the third book I will also release a collection of the books so far. Call it season one of the series, if you will.


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