The Sorrow of Goodbye

Hello fans, and friends, and friendly fans. I have been a bit derailed in writing in general lately- no blog posts, no progress on my next book which is now far late of the proposed February 15th release. The progress on the book being delayed was expected, but the lack of any communication by blog or social media was not anticipated.


Just a few weeks apart I faced the death of not one, but two grandparents. I loved them both dearly, but the death of my mother’s father was especially painful as we hadn’t had much time to anticipate this happening and because he raised me as much as my parents did.

And this hard time I’ve taken some time off of work to spend time with friends, and loved ones. And reading. So much reading. One of the greatest ways to give ourselves a little distance and clarity when grieving is to drown ourselves in the world of fiction. So I spent a few nights ordering Thai takeout and binge watching movies. I did some shopping and bought over a hundred used dvds- normally I avoid retail therapy but this felt so right. I ate a lot of desserts, and I didn’t care that I have a lot of food sensitivities that stress my body out and ate just about everything regardless. I went on some long nature walks.

I did everything I could to bury my emotions, and then I switched to facing them head on.

I wrote some poetry that I’ll probably never publish. I drew. I tried to play the harmonica like my Papa (grandpa) did. I sat and stared out of windows and just let myself think a lot.

I’m glad this job gives me the flexibility to take things easy when I really must. I’m glad to see you are still willing to visit my site after a month long dry period. And I’m glad that I feel better now and am ready to get back to work writing. I know it’s what both of my grandpas would have wanted.



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