A Little Love is Worth a Lot


A little love is worth a lot

Because even a little is better than none.

And no one has quite an idea of what they’ve wrought

When a person who had no one,

suddenly has a someone.

And you don’t need to have romance in your heart,

Just to care about someone is quite enough-

After all, there are many kinds of love,

But to survive a person needs to receive at least one.



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I'm a professional author. I love travel, forests, city life, and being creative. I love to gather hobbies, none of which I am any good at, and I like to spend as much time as possible with people.

One thought on “A Little Love is Worth a Lot”

  1. yes, yes so true. It’s always worth to have someone your soul finds it’s own and it is indeed a wonderful experience.
    Here is link to my blog stating that no doubt love is not easy it’s not perfect but it’s worth it.
    If you like it please follow back.Thanks in advance.

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