Teen Dragon Mischief! Character Profiles: Aeron

In the Shadeworld books,  Aeron is a major player. And by that I mean main character not, you know, an actual player.

My character reference for Aeron

He’s a Dragon. He’s the crown Prince of the entire Shadeworld and all of the magical beings who live there. He’s also one of the most popular guys on campus at Tybolt Hall, a highschool in Wisconsin, USA- so he goes to human school instead of dragon school. which is pretty weird, yeah.

He’s a very interesting character. He’s not sweet, not at all, but he still cares about people. A lot. But he’s also a jerk to people. for some reason he always tries to hide that he’s a bit of a softy. Sure, he gets into fights and starts kingdom scale drama. But he also gives a lot of vacation time and really good pay to his employees at the palace and he’s trying to reform his kingdom’s laws to make life better for his subjects.

All his subjects seem to see, though, is that he fails academically over and over again due to problems humans on earth call learning disabilities. Much of his kingdom sees him as a dumb brute, and it feels like his brother sees him in the same way. His dad at least knows his true capabilities, though having the inheritance of the monarchy in his future doesn’t heal the brotherly divide.


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