Holidays in Many Ways


Today was the office holiday party. It was a bizarre experience- I’ve taken on a great job working with books all day. I actually really like the job. It’s a very decent and human place to work with total understanding of needs to take time off (unlike every retail job ever), I can be as social or unsocial as I like, and did I mention they have holiday parties? I don’t mean like the kind of awkward parties some offices have where all the junior staff are expected to cough up the money for everything, but instead it was a nice real party where I could just show up and enjoy myself.

Not that I’m saying my previous jobs have been awful. Just that I really like this job and there’s a lot of actually nice and friendly people who work there.

But as tempting as the wonderful comfort of a great job with a great work atmosphere is, I still am working towards being a full time writer supported fully by my work. I’m enjoying my work, and enjoying the holidays. I’m just still determined to not allow myself to enjoy this forever.

I don’t particularly know why I shared this post with you. I want you guys to know that I’m still writing, and I’m working towards writing even more, but I’m not writing as fast as I’d like right now because I also have a pay-the-bills job on my plate. Which I suppose makes me the same as 80% of all authors. So maybe I won’t post on the blog every day from now on and focus on spending more of my writing time writing books.

But in the meantime, no matter what kind of writing I’m doing, I’m also enjoying Christmas, and I hope you enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate.


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