Wowza Weekend!

This weekend I took a rare break from writing. In fact, I did the unthinkable, and actually treated my Saturday like a true weekend non-working-at-all weekend. It was almost unthinkable for a daily writer like me to take some time when I’m close to deadline, but it’s the holiday season! Time to have fun sometimes! (Also, don’t freak out about this, I’m still moving right along and will publish “PS The Dragon Fights” Completely on time.)


Just waiting for the event was pretty fun actually. The boats on the dock were pretty decked out and fun to see while we waited for the actual event.

The decorated boat “floats” that passed by during the event were even cooler though, with a lot of interesting decorating themes.


The angel was my favorite, but there were a lot of great themes this year. Including the brightest menorah I may have ever seen in my life!

What holiday fun are you getting up to?


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