I’m down to the wire on finishing the revision process of PS The Dragon Fights. You’ll remember that the first book in the Shadeworld series took me four months to revise. You might also remember that I planned to finish the first draft and revision process for this book in just the span of the month of November.


I didn’t quite make my deadline. I still have two chapters I am banging the keyboard keys over. The problem with being a new author and not having written many full length novels before is that there’s a pretty high chance I’ll end up writing a type of scene I’ve never written before. That means it takes me a bit longer to do the job.

I’m still making tiny steps forward every day though so the completely finished book that has been written and revised by me and then gone on to have the cover and all that other important stuff done should still be ready to go by December 16th, right on time for you guys to read and enjoy it over your holiday break.

Well, as always it’s fun checking in with you guys. But now I think it’s time that I get back to revising, so have a nice day!


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