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I’ve been a little spotty in my posting for the last two weeks because I’ve been hard at work revising my second book in the Shadeworld series.

How hard at work? I finished my first draft of the book in a mere two weeks, and I’ve gotten half of them revised in the time since then.

I’m pretty pumped up about that because the last book I wrote took four long painful months to revise, and the book before that took half a year. At this point, writing “PS The Dragon Fights” feels like I’ve done a herculean task.


I think what you guys, the readers, will appreciate about this book is that there’s more magic, spells, and tech mages than you met in “PS The Dragon Bites.” That’s because this one takes place completely in the Shadeworld, that magical replica of Earth (or as the inhabitants of this strange land call it, “The Original”). This book is longer and crazier than the first and I think you’re going to love it.

If you still haven’t gotten your hands on the first book you can buy it here. This will soon be released in audiobook and paperback formats, so be sure to add it to your wishlist if you’re interested in that.


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