light-sign-typography-lightingI’m so blessed to have you here. No, I really mean that. I’ve taken on a big new scary job- being a self employed writer and author- this year, and I couldn’t have done it without support. Just you being here on this site right here and now helps keep me going. If your adblocker is turned off I even get a few cents for each time there’s a little ad at the bottom of the page, and that helps pay the bills (I believe in full disclosure). But even if you keep blocker on and you’ve never bought a single book, having you here and reading these posts shows you believe in me, and that is definitely what keeps me going.

So thank you.

Have a happy Thanksgiving if you’re American, or a thankful normal day of the week if you live elsewhere.


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I'm a professional author. I love travel, forests, city life, and being creative. I love to gather hobbies, none of which I am any good at, and I like to spend as much time as possible with people.

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