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Yesterday was the start of my current adventure, and today was the continuation. That’s right, I’m talking about making an audiobook!

My main book is available for preorder now (Better hurry-my own epub edition with enhanced formatting will no longer be available on 11/12/17 and you’ll have to buy the Amazon ebook or borrow through KU at that point, and the mobi edition stripped all the cool fonts and letter formats as well as some of the special features that I can only presell through this site for the next few days)

Making an Audiobook

The audiobook process was interesting. I had to set up a script, and hope that some nice narrator would be willing to take on the job. Then today I faced an even bigger problem- choosing between three great narrators who auditioned for the script!

If I had my wuthers I’d hire all three of them (one for this book as well as the other 9 books in the epic Shadeworld series, as well as the other two for two different future series I have been working on.)

Fingers crossed that this all works out!

Psst- don’t forget that the enhanced formatting edition of PS The Dragon Bites, on sale below, is only available for a limited time. Once the clock hits midnight on the eleventh of November, then poof! All presales will end! And after that you will only be able to buy the (still awesome) normal formatting edition on Amazon.

Update: Presales are no longer active, but if you can buy the book for a reduced prize on Amazon here!


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