pexels-photo-416322Today I did the thing. I asked complete strangers to judge me.

Well, technically not me. Technically I begged asked them to judge my book.

You’ll remember yesterday I was battling my demons- technology has never really been my thing (yes, even though I write a blog- modern blogs require no technical skill at all which I am eternally grateful for)- and I conquered formatting. Which, by the way, is not something I should ever brag about, because formatting a fiction book should be super easy for a normal human to do with a press of one or three buttons. I really have nothing to complain about- I wasn’t formatting a thesis with graphics all over the place or dealing with a million columns and photos like a newspaper. I guess this has given me the perspective I needed to even better understand what a hero the formatting guy was during my brief stint as a newspaper editor in college.

But today I did the next scary thing and tried to send my book around to different book reviewing blogs. It’s not really the judgement that stressed me out- any creative field is full of judgement and rejection letters so a low rating would be a bummer but wouldn’t shatter my self esteem or anything- but I have to find reviewers which has surprisingly turned in to a game of digital hide and seek. Not that there’s a shortage of book reviewers- there’s a ton of lit nerds like us out there- just that I have to sift through them to find people who’d be interested in a YA Fantasy book. That means going through a million false starts that only review a bunch of other genres.

Young Adult reviewers that are actually teens are even harder to find somehow. I don’t have anything against adults doing it, especially as I am an adult writing them in the first place, but I just feel like I’d really like to get a few actual teenagers reading my epic.

It’s been a little tricky, but ultimately I’ve done it. After all, dragons and revolution and magic and a secret past are something a lot of people are interested in. Maybe you are too? If so you can check it out here or preorder below.

UPDATE: This book is now published and live so you can now order it here


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