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My Writing Prompt: Use a Photo

I was floating through the internet on my break today and decided to check out the Library of Congress’s digital resources. It’s the biggest library in the whole world, so obviously I think every reader and author should check out their stuff, and even if you aren’t as lucky as I am to live in NoVa with a mere hour long commute at rush hour to get in to see the gorgeous buildings there are still lots of cool things available on their website that anyone with WiFi can check out anywhere in the world.

Like this photo. The site says this is Chuck Wheelock whipping up breakfast on a ranch in Nevada. The cool plot twist is that apparently this takes place in the 70’s. I’d always thought anything remotely cowboy, like the movies and the actual lifestyle, was long extinct after the last blitz of cowboys in Hollywood in the fifties.

Looking at the photo kind of inspires me. I wonder what a cowboy book written today for YA readers would look like? Would it be a Steampunk Cowboy adventure, or would young readers enjoy reading a full showdown at high noon, or would a more down to earth daily chores and ranch friendships and trials be better? I’m honestly not sure if anything remotely Western themed would sell nowadays. I know my Dad is still a big fan of the movies he watched as a youth, but everything Western has been long gone from Pop media since I was born in ’94 and I don’t know if anyone would like it. Then again, a story about the world before the internet is always interesting to read.

What do you think?

Would you read a YA Western? What would you like in such a book?


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