Five Chapters is all it takes

pexels-photo-261510Today and tomorrow I aim to finish revising five entire chapters. I bet you can easily guess this is a big chunk of work to complete in a small chunk of time. At this point I should have only had to work on finishing two chapters- which is still a bit of a procrastination problem as I was supposed to be sending the completely finished book off to reviewers a week or two ago like any good Indie author would have done- but still, I had finished all the other chapters. But then things happened. I was met with the dreaded corrupted file message. I’m thankful I had a backup of an earlier version of the book, but that means I have three more chapters on my to-do list today and tomorrow than I had anticipated.

It’s a little disappointing to me. But I think it’s a really interesting book. If you follow my Facebook page you’ll already have seen my teaser post of the cover and title. If you stay tuned, tomorrow you’ll get exclusive access to teaser one on this blog.


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