Spooky, creepy, and a little dark: Family Inflamed

NIKON D5100Family Inflamed is my first book. I wrote it when I was frustrated, and scared, and mostly very frustrated being sick and stranded sitting in my chair staring out the window at the world just living life while I barely had the strength to walk over to pick up some snack bars every few hours instead of walking over and getting a good hot meal at the dining hall every day. I was grumpy, and a little dark, and I was too tired to do anything and couldn’t really even think straight but I could still get very very bored. So I explored the dark side of the internet a little. I thought a bit about not so pleasant things in the world.

The truth is I’m kind of famous in my social circle for being a bit of an optimist. My first book is definitely not cheerful in any way though. There’s a lot of dark themes going on in there. Full trigger alert: there’s rape, and domestic abuse, and death, and murder, and mental illness. It’s a dark kind of story. I think it’s interesting and my beta readers thought it was interesting and a book definitely worth reading- but don’t read it if you are in the mood for something fluffy and cheerful where the good guys save the day. I was a little tired of all the books aimed at teens that talked about dating and popularity and were just kind of silly when I was a teen, so this is a book that fulfills that craving for reading about real people with real issues. Don’t worry if that sounds too harsh for you though, it’s not all bad- after all, the dog lives in the end.


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I'm a professional author. I love travel, forests, city life, and being creative. I love to gather hobbies, none of which I am any good at, and I like to spend as much time as possible with people.

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